About Josh

Marketing | Design | Entrepreneurship

Do Things Others Won't

My name is Josh. I'm just a dude, trying to make the world a more creative place. My passion is to help small businesses, churches and non-profits look good by providing affordable videos, websites, and designs. I'm available for one time projects or you can hire me to be your marketing department. Feel free to check out my portfolio or browse through my downloadable resources, and learn how I can help you or your organization succeed!  

Josh Blankenship Media

Josh is a self taught graphic designer and video producer. He has worked for 10+ years as a designer and creative pastor. He can help your small business stand out online and in print materials. As a small business owner, Josh can relate to what you go through on a day to day basis and can help your business stay on a budget and get BIG results! 

Yo Dog Wieners

Josh and his wife Laura launched a new food truck company called Yo Dog Wieners. They travel all around Central Kansas serving delicious hotdogs with more than 20 toppings! 


Speaking is one of my favorite things to do. When I first got started in ministry, leadership and entrepreneurship I wish there would have been someone to look me in the eyes and tell me how things really were!

I’ve been blessed with a unique background. My time in the military helped me learn valuable lessons about leadership and motivation and that allows me to have a unique perspective about Ministry. I don’t sugar coat the facts. My talks are designed to be real, authentic and informative. 

My desire is for every church leader, pastor, communicator and small business owner to succeed. My goal is for everyone to realize their potential, find their inner greatness, & be ready to do ministry like people’s lives depend on it… because they do.